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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Your website is missing [insert random film score/composer]. Why?
A: This site's purpose is to be an exhaustive database of film scores and composers, but we're bound to miss a score or a composer from time to time. Any contributions or additional information are welcome; see the Contact page for details. Also, this site contains only "symphonic" film scores. Any soundtracks made up of rock songs or rap music, for example, will not be included - even if they happen to be composed by a well-known composer who regularly writes in a more traditional style.

Obviously our database is not restricted to only orchestral scores, or we wouldn't be able to list composers such as Wendy Carlos or Vangelis, who traditionally work with synthesizers.

Q: You listed [insert movie title] as [insert genre], but it's actually [insert different genre].
A: Categorizing movies by genre can be very subjective, so there will always be differing opinions on this sort of thing. We categorize movies using our best judgement. Beyond that, the focus of this site is film music and composers, so our listing of movies is meant more as an additional source of information, not a definitive source of information.

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